When I started this post, I was in the car with Snowleopard sitting next to me, driving us to Vegas while I played DJ and desperately tried catching up on some blogging. So if it seems like my thoughts are a little…rambly, I must say:

It’s definitely a different experience doing this blogging thing when you’re sitting in a moving vehicle, especially when you’re me, a self-diagnosed ADD-addled man-child whose eyes dart at the slighteset visual stimuli like a lonely guy at a strip club.

So before I get too stream-of-consciousness on you all, I’ll explain what my intent is for this post — another Top 5 roundup, but instead of simply throwing out tracks this time, I want to focus on the tangible bit of a music lover’s experience: seeing the actual artists. However, I also didn’t want to just rattle off whatever festival is coming up, but rather which artist at what show I’m personally looking forward to seeing in the coming days, weeks, and months (note that this post was written on August 24th).

Anyway, the list:

1) Rusko Residency @ Rain Nightclub (Las Vegas, NV) – 8/24

Catching Rusko play in Vegas at the Palms was an absolute no brainer when I heard the residency announcement. Every other DJ’s residencies have made a lot of sense: (Encore Beach loves Kaskade, Tiesto booked an entire year with the Hard Rock, even Deadmau5 at XS made sense since he’s such a big name in the US). But Rusko? In Vegas? As a resident? That kind of booking just boggles my mind. Immediately, I conjured up the image of ultra-confused Affliction-wearing Vegas doods, listening to the mental assault of Rusko’s live set, absolutely confused on how to react. Head bob? Fist pump? Grinding up on bitches attempts? Broken robot? Have a dubstep seizure and dinosaur moves?

For the potential comedy aspect, we ended up in Vegas.

I mean, check the ad out. They have Rusko, the undisputed KING of IDGAF, dressed up in a blazer, staring off camera like it’s a Hugo Boss ad. Rain is a great music venue, but let’s be honest, it can get a little dicey, and with that, I fully expected Rusko to storm the stage in jean shorts, ankle high socks, and chucks, ready to blast the faces off unsuspecting VIP table holders.

Update: And everything I imagined came to fruition this past weekend as we watched the Prince of Filth tear things down at Rain, jean shorts and all. 🙂 The vibe of the show was pretty amazing, with a huge presence from Saturday night Vegas dubsteppers and Rusko fans. There were definitely the confused table service holders present, but they were the minority in the room. Still funny to watch the confused people though. 🙂

2) The Polish Ambassador @ King King (Hollywood, CA) – 9/14

This past month has been like, 70% intergalactic hip hop ever since stumbling upon The Polish Ambassador’s free 8GB discography download. And for those who aren’t familiar with The Ambassador’s music, it’s the kind of thing that will make you feel like an intergalactic G (took from a retweet of his). Track melodies range from serene and beautiful to digitally fun, but always with an aggressive drum set that provides plenty of swing. In short, the dude is seriously talented and puts out a LOT of content. So imagine my excitement when I learned he was doing a US tour and that King King in Hollywood (one of my new favorite venues) would be a stop. I’m there.

This man isn’t kidding when he says he produces space music.

3) M Machine @ Avalon (Los Angeles, CA) – 9/21

I heard about M Machine for the first time last year, and since then, these guys have been one of my unicorn artists. As in, no matter how much prep and planning I do, I just can’t seem to catch them at a festival or show. Their hard electro sound makes use of complex melody lines with a distinctly dramatic feel. It’s not music that I’d want to rage out to before “going to the club on a Friday night,” but it would serve as the perfect soundtrack to a final Robot-Jesus-Norris-Highlander-Zombie-Dragon boss battle. Inside of a night club. With Cirque Du Soleil dancers serving cocktails. Sure. Willing to bypass Insomniac’s Nocturnal Wonderland Day 1 for this one with no qualms whatsoever!

4) Orbital @ Nocturnal Wonderland (San Bernadino, CA) – 9/22

I’m balls to the walls excited to see these guys. Seriously, don’t even get me started on “Halcyon On and On.” ‘Cause for the EDM community, we know it’s one of those classically iconic songs that absolutely reeks of that early ’90s charm solely for the scenes it conjures up from Hackers and Mortal Kombat, the amazing motion picture film. But at the same time, it’s one of those timelessly beautiful melody lines that you just can’t escape. Watching Orbital’s amazing Coachella 2009 set was a trip, as I knew absolutely nothing about these guys besides the sparse cinema memories of cheesey martial arts scenes and leopard-patterned tights with jean jackets. Fastforward to present day, with their album release Wonky, and I’ve fully come to appreciate how amazingly musically inclined these guys are. If anything, just watch their live show below. They do a LOT more than press buttons. And if pressing buttons is all you see, at the very least, they’re pressing a shit load of buttons.

5) M83 @ Treasure Island Music Festival (San Francisco, CA) – 10/14

M83 has been another one of my unicorn acts, starting at the end of 2011 when we found out about their two-day January 2012 show at Club Nokia. I tried to pick up tickets, but that shit sold out in I don’t know, about 5 minutes, and when we tried reaching out to cover the show, we found out spots had filled up too. A couple other same-day instances fell through, but I figured it’d be all good because we’d be catching them at Ultra later that year.

Did not happen. Technical difficulties with their set at Ultra pushed the group back a full 50 minutes. They hopped on stage after MUCH disgruntled activity from the audience, and after playing an amazingly epic two songs, they left the stage swiftly and silently.


By that time, I had completely given up on ever seeing them until I found out they’d be at Treasure Island Music Festival. Score. I’ve been going to the TI Fest every year for the past few years, and there’s nowhere else I’d rather see them.

That’s it for this week. I’m excited as hell for the next couple of months, and I hope you join me on some of these adventurous nights!