Don’t play coy with me…You know you want to listen to the latest installment of the LA Music Blog podcast. You don’t need me to convince you that listening to your favorite LA Music Bloggers talk about rockabillies Murder By Death, experimental psychedelic band Animal Collective, and the best of the best pop punk bands on tour this fall is a great way to spend your Monday afternoon. Plus, as an added bonus (and just so you don’t think we’re sexist here at LAMB), one of our female writers Mary Bonney joins our podcast hosts Ben Gill and David Fisch for this episode.

Check out the podcast below, and be sure to head over to the LA Music Blog Facebook page to answer our “Reader Question” — “Is your relationship with an artist’s music impacted by WHEN in the artist’s career you discovered them?” — and your response just might be included in a future LAMB podcast recording.

Download LA Music Blog Podcast: Episode 3