With beads of sweat dripping down my forehead and visions of an It’s Always Sunny… episode in my mind, I packed my sunscreen and ventured out to the public pool yesterday. August has hit and summer temperatures are in full effect, but along with the unbearable heat comes summer music. This year, the long-time kings of the genre, The Beach Boys, triumphantly returned with a new album, That’s Why God Made the Radio, and 50th anniversary tour (including a stop at the Hollywood Bowl) to help fans beat the summer heat. If you weren’t able to make it to any of the shows, fret not, because on August 28th the group is releasing The Beach Boys: Doin’ It Again, a commemorative DVD/Blu-ray disc via Blast Music.

The hour-long DVD includes exclusive 2012 interviews with The Beach Boys, live performances from the band’s 2012 world tour, never-before-seen footage from the 1966 “Good Vibrations” recording sessions, moving tributes to founding members Carl and Dennis Wilson, and behind-the-scenes footage from the recording sessions for That’s Why God Made The Radio. Basically anything a Beach Boys fan could want, so if you’re looking for an excuse to stay inside with the AC cranked, pick up a copy of the DVD when it’s released later this month, pop it in the ol’ DVD player, and let the Beach Boys bring the summer vibes to you.

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