When a band is as big as Green Day, most fans at their shows are lucky if they can make out the members’ faces from their arena seats. That’s why today’s news that the band will be playing a special one-off show at the 700ish-capacity Echoplex tomorrow night (Monday, August 6th) is such a big deal.

Tickets for the special show go on sale via the Echoplex’s website tomorrow morning at 10 AM and will no doubt sell out pretty much immediately. Members of Idiot Club, Green Day’s official fan club, have a chance to win one of 25 pairs of tickets the band is giving away, so if you’re an ultimate Green Day fan and willing to dish out the 20 bucks to become a member, that’s another option for attending this once-in-a-lifetime event.

Aside from gracing LA with this special show at the Echoplex, Green Day is also busy prepping for the release three full-length albums in a short 4-month time span: ¡Uno! (late-September 2012), ¡Dos! (mid-November 2012) and ¡Tré! (mid-January 2013). You can find more details on those releases at Green Day’s official website.