Animal Collective has decided (like so many bands recently) to go ahead and offer fans an advanced stream of their new album, Centipede Hz. Artist Abby Portner created a set of psychedelic visuals for each song on the album, and I highly recommend you watch the entire thing as the visuals are absolutely stunning.

Along with the album stream, Animal Collective is sharing four, 2-hour plus “radio transmissions” that include music from their own catalog as well as collections from some friends, such as Black Dice, Haunted Graffiti, Atlas Sound, and Pantha du Prince. (Check out all four transmissions below.)

Animal Collective fans also have the opportunity to download a package of the band’s radio sounds and create their own mixes to share on the ACR (listen to the currently uploaded fan mixes). Before the release of Centipede Hz, five lucky “random” mix contributors will receive a vinyl test pressing of the new album. There is still time to enter your own mix, but not much, so if you’re interested in participating, check out the details and instruction on how to enter.

For more info:

Animal Collective website