Blink 182 may be the unspoken favorite pop punk band of the new millennium, but this contest-entry-turned-viral-video proves that, while their lyrics might be fun, pick up lines they are not.

Blink 182 embarked on an European tour last month, and to advertise, they announced a video contest to promote the string of dates. With all the charm and awkwardness of Michael Cera, Tommy Woolridge used the band’s lyrics on unsuspecting girls as pick up lines. I’m not sure what is funnier, the lyrics Tommy chose (“I need a girl that I can train”) or the fact that he apologizes most of the time afterwards. The reactions of the girls vary from horrified to hilarious and personally make me feel better about every uncomfortable moment I’ve had.

And good news – it all paid off! Woolridge won the grand prize of lifetime tickets to every Blink 182 concert. When the band announced he won on their Facebook page, they added, “Hopefully you can use that as a pick-up line to get a date.”

Fingers crossed Tommy. After all that rejection, I think it’s time for you to find a girl who sees how awesome and hilariously bold this was.

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