During last night’s Design for Humanity event, I spent a good portion of the evening in NYC’s financial district (or at least Paramount Studio’s version of it), but The Dig visited the real thing to film the video for their latest single, “I Already Forgot Everything You Said.” Set in a run-down 19th century building at 5 Beekman Street in Manhattan’s Financial District, the video is captivating, due in no small part to director Tyler Greco’s perfect pacing and the casting of the gorgeous Micaela Piccolo as the video’s female lead.

In reference to the location, The Dig’s frontman Emile Mosseri said, “We were the last people to shoot in this amazing old space before it was gutted. The space has kind of a haunting quality to it and we felt like the mood of the song fit the vibe of the building. We all wrote this song together as a band and feel it captures the tone of our new record.” The record he’s referring to, Midnight Flowers, was released on May 29th via Buffalo Jump Records, and while I was exploring that fake financial district last night, the band was finishing up a residency at LA’s own Silverlake Lounge in support of the album.

If you like the video for “I Already Forgot Everything You Said,” pick up a free download of the track via the widget below, and I definitely suggest checking out Midnight Flowers for a dreamy, synthy good time (it’s streaming on Spotify and Soundcloud, so there’s really no good excuse not to).

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