Louisa Rose Allen, or Foxes, is a pretty silly character. However, her music is anything but. After releasing a few successful singles, including “Youth,” she has — to my great joy — released her new EP, Warrior. I have been a fan of the 22-year-old Southhampton native for a while now, and honestly couldn’t wait to give the new album a listen.

Louisa’s voice can be described as Ellie Goulding melded together with Florence Welch with a touch of Adele. Her powerful yet versatile vocals reign supreme on Warrior, but are greatly enhanced by her music’s strong beats, creative composition, and occasional use of industrial synth-pop elements. Louisa’s music is more than simple dance music. It has a unique style matched with tangible themes while still highlighting her flawless voice.

Foxes is not just another love-sick puppy – which unfortunately I find all too common with today’s female artists. Instead, she grapples with real issues of love and life. This is particularly evident in the EP’s title track on which Foxes reveals her commanding and almost feminist character. She proclaims, “I will keep you safe tonight / because I am a warrior.” Later, she repeats, “I’ll fight / I’ll fight / I’ll fight” — a pseudo-chant that is both empowering and inspiring.

The EP features both a normal and acoustic version of the song. I happen to prefer the original version for its pure power thanks to its strong drum beat and beautifully dramatic music. Conversely, the acoustic version of “Warrior” sounds more like a fairytale. Louisa’s ethereal voice is backed by sweet music that makes the song much more mystical and magical.

Even in her more relationship-based songs, Louisa proves that she is level-headed and has some semblance of control. Even though she sings about unsure love with a twinge of a fear of abandonment, her music never seems desperate or alienates the listener. Instead, her themes revolving around love are believable and sometimes utterly and almost painfully relatable. This is best seen in “Let It Go Tonight,” when she proclaims, “The only thing I know is I need you here or you’ll be gone forever / All that I know / All that I know / is we’re here tonight.”

This theme is also highlighted in “In Her Arms,” a track on which Foxes emotes the painful experience of a battle over an — at least partially — unrequited love. While she is insecure and emotional (which is honestly completely understandable), she is not overly passive or whiny. This feels so much more believable and relatable than the utterly helpless lyrics of some of her contemporaries.

However, at times Louisa reveals that her fears also come from herself. In her single “White Coats,” she proves to be a bit of a Manic Pixie Dream Girl. She reveals the all-too-true conflict of emotion when she sings, “I knew you would come for me / I’m sorry you’re in so deep.” She writes from a very human perspective. Love is not black and white. She continues, “I didn’t want to be alone / But you just stand there and watch them hold me down / I need to know that you’re around.”

Overall, I truly enjoyed this EP and am excited to see what Foxes has in store for us next!

Foxes Tour Dates:

07/10 – Boston, MA @ Brighton Music Hall
07/11 – New York City, NY @ Piano’s
07/12 – Washington, DC @ U Street Music Hall
07/14 – Brooklyn, NY @ Brooklyn Bowl
07/16 – Los Angeles, CA @ Bardot Hollywood
07/17 – Los Angeles, CA @ Bootleg Bar

Check out more on Foxes on her website – which offers a free download of her single “White Coats.”