Brandon Flowers has one of those unmistakeable voices, so I knew immediately upon hearing it emit from my car speakers yesterday that I was listening to a new track from The Killers. On September 18th, the group will be releasing their fourth studio album, Battle Born, the highly anticipated follow-up to 2008’s Day & Age, and their first since taking a short hiatus in 2012 to pursue solo endeavors. The track I heard while cruising down Sunset Blvd yesterday was the album’s epic first single, “Runaways,” and the first sign that The Killers are back and, just maybe, better than ever.

According to the band’s promotional materials, Battle Born was “written with the live audience in mind,” and I can definitely imagine swaying in the audience of an outdoor amphitheater as “Runaways” blasts at me from the stage speakers. Since falling in love with the group in 2004 via a little track called “Mr. Brightside” (perhaps you’ve heard of it?), I’ve been a continual fan of their music and can’t wait to hear if the rest of Battle Born lives up to this first single. I expect that it will.

“Runaways” will be released to all digital service providers on July 17th, but you can listen to it now via the video below:

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The Killers’ website