Not every music fan will admit to it, but we all love being able to say we knew a band before they were big. The little ego boost you get knowing that you were the first to catch on to a band’s awesomeness almost makes up for the loss of your little secret, the band that you and a select few fans enjoyed in that bubble before they exploded on the music scene. My current under-the-radar obsession is the Los Angeles/Denver-based indie rock act Noise Academy, and because my musical ego could always use a boost, I’m going to urge you to check out a rare live performance when they play Molly Malone’s at 9:00 PM tomorrow night.

Noise Academy has been kicking around the LA music scene for a couple of years now, and I firmly believe their 2011 Into The West EP, the sonic equivalent of a shot of whiskey before a duel at high noon, barely scratches the surface of this three-piece’s potential. I’ve had my calendar marked for weeks in anticipation of tomorrow night’s show, so get out to Molly Malone’s and join me in enjoying Noise Academy while they can still be our little secret.

Noise Academy – Not Impressed by LAMusicBlog

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