The Truth About Love is the prophetically titled 6th studio record for Billboard’s favorite arsenic lipped songstress. In a video released from her official website early last week, P!NK sheds her edge and kidishly announces the album’s title and release date.

P!NK — who hasn’t released a full-length record of new original material since 2008’s Funhouse — has spent the last few months in the studio working on The Truth About Love. The lead single, “Blow Me (One Last Kiss),” was just released last week, and judging by its up-tempo, electro-infused momentum, P!NK is going to add another to her impressive tally of 11 singles on the US Top 10 charts.

The secret to P!NK’s longevity is thanks in great part to her producers’ (Max Martin, Billy Mann, etc.) ability to adapt to a changing musical climate. Though her rock edge is never lost, her production evolves to fit the current radio sound. Of course, it cannot be overstated that P!NK’s slamming vocal prowess is the other half of the perfect equation that sustains this megastar’s status.

What do you think of the new single, “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)”? Through all the electronic production, is it still the same P!NK? Will it join the ranks of “Lady Marmalade,” “So What,” and “Raise Your Glass” and go No. 1 for P!NK on the Billboard Charts?