Another bumper week of album releases as we head into this hot LA summer. Which of these will you be listening to in the car with the top down?

Twin ShadowConfess

George Lewis Jr. looks square in the eye of the concept of the sophomore slump, laughs dismissively, then spits this fine second album in its face. Or something. Anyway, it’s good.

Aesop RockSkelethon

The underground rapper returns with his first album in five years, another slab of spooky, very cool tunes with his own mind-bending wordplay taking center stage.

Dirty ProjectorsSwing Lo Magellan

One of Brooklyn’s finest indie bands (that’s actually some compliment) return with a beguiling set of weird and wonderful songs.


The side project of Geoff Barrow (Portishead) definitely wins the award for most phonetically impossible album title of the week.

Serj TankianHarakiri

The former System Of A Down frontman returns with a third album of solo material. He still doesn’t trust the government very much, just so you know.

And here’s the best of the rest:

Marina And The DiamondsElectra Heart

Mission Of BurmaUnsound

Clare And The ReasonsKR-51

Delicate StevePositive Force

Glass CloudThe Royal Thousand