I really can’t think of a more likable figure in hip hop than Calvin Broadus, better known by his canine-inspired moniker Snoop Dogg. Maybe it’s his laid-back flow. Maybe it’s his many comedic film and television appearances (Half Baked, “Weeds,” etc.). Maybe it’s our mutual love of the Pittsburgh Steelers, but something about Snoop D-O-double-G appeals to me on a gut level. I would consider myself a fan of both the man and his music, so I was intrigued to find out he was reinventing both via Reincarnated, a reggae-influenced album he will be releasing under the new moniker of Snoop Lion.

Today at 2:15 p.m. PST, Snoop Dogg will be participating in a live webcast during which he will discuss this reincarnation as Snoop Lion, several significant artistic components of the project, and the influences and inspirations behind Reincarnated. MTV’s Sway will host, and Snoop will be joined in the webcast by Suroosh Alvi (co-founder Vice Media), Entertainment veteran Ted Chung (Stampede Management, Senior Partner and President of Doggy Style Records), and Diplo (mega-producer extraordinaire). You can watch the webcast via the livestream below, and it will also be made available online tomorrow (you know, in case you’re supposed to be working this afternoon or something of that nature).

The first single from Reincarnated, “La La La,” is now available for purchase via iTunes.

For more info:

Snoop Lion’s Official Website