Like obedient youngsters crossing a busy road, music and film go hand in hand. The right score or soundtrack can push a scene to new levels, and some films even allow the music to take center stage. These are the movies that tend to land on my “dessert island” lists — Almost Famous, Walk the Line, High Fidelity — movies about music and the life-changing effect it can have on people. Matthew Lillard, the star of another of those music-centric favorite movies of mine (SLC Punk), has chosen such a film for his directorial debut, Fat Kid Rules the World.

Based on the novel by K. L. Going, Fat Kid Rules the World features original songs and score by Pearl Jam lead guitarist Mike McCready, so you already know the soundtrack is going to be great. The film won the Narrative Feature Spotlight Audience Award at the 2012 SXSW Film Festival and stars Jacob Wysocki (Terri, TV’s “Huge”) as Troy, an overweight and suicidal 17 year old who is befriended by Marcus, a high school dropout and street musician played by Matt O’Leary (Natural Selection, Brick). Marcus convinces Troy to play drums in his new punk rock band, and the two are able to find a connection with each other and the rest of the world through music.

ARC Entertainment, Whitewater Films, and Matthew Lillard are launching the theatrical release of Fat Kid Rules the World via the Vans Warped Tour and, a collective action web-platform that enables individuals to choose the films that play in their local theaters. Through a series of promotional events and public appearances on the Warped Tour, Lillard is directly engaging the film’s punk rock fan base so they can set up Tugg screenings of the film along the course of the tour and anywhere else in the United States. Very in keeping with the punk rock/D.I.Y. mentality, so if you’re interested in checking out Fat Kid Rules the World, request a screening in your hometown.

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