Back Pocket Memory, a boisterous band with catchy lyrics and even catchier melodies, has found their place in the Los Angeles music scene, or rather, the Los Angeles music scene has found them. From being played on Los Angeles’ world famous KROQ, to opening for the iconic hair-band rock gods Steel Panther at the House of Blues, these guys have made a name for themselves in the community of rock.

Back Pocket Memory’s debut EP, released in late 2011, entitled Beneath the Trees, is packed with inspired lyrics about betrayal, longing, and the struggle found in starting over, overlaid by memorable and almost hypnotic beats and riffs. “The Greatest Divide,” a personal favorite, eloquently describes one’s feelings for another, while keeping the band’s rock vibe in check. Singer Chris Pennington throws his dynamic vocals into the each song, and when joined by the perfect combination of drums (Jason Montgomery), guitars (Eddie Rosales and Ian Felchlin), and bass (Rob Gallagher), this band’s music will burrow into the brain of anyone listening.

Despite their thought-provoking lyrics and crushing sound, Back Pocket Memory has fun. A lot of fun. Their energetic shows and infectious stage presence bring an honest and relatable element to their music, and BPM fans love them for it. To please this devoted fan base, the group has big things planned. Their much anticipated next album is due to be released in the fall and will be produced by Erik Ron, who also produced their previous album. According to the band, fans can expect a “more rocking, driving sound…” combined with Back Pocket Memory’s signature style of dramatic, soulful rock. Along with the new EP release, they plan to tantalize their fans further with a West Coast tour, joined by the band Culprit, in early September.

These guys will shake you up and leave you wanting more. But don’t take my word for it. Check out their upcoming show at Amplyfi on August 3rd, buy their songs on iTunes, and be prepared to have a new favorite band.

Concert photos taken by Christine Perez
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