Last October, Anthony Gonzalez (better known as M83) released his latest and most outstanding double-LP, Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming. Fast-tracking to the beginning of this summer, however, we’ve only seen one single released from the album. Mind you, “Midnight City” really is one of those capstone tracks that can survive on its own merits while also painting the album’s sonic picture, which is why it resulted in one of our top singles of 2011. But if you had listened to the other twenty-one tracks on the album by this point, you’d expect to see at least one of them released as a worthy follow-up.

Well folks, the time has come and the wait is over. M83 has marked the third track on the album, “Reunion,” as his next single!

The single and its corresponding EP, released Tuesday from Mute Records, is also accompanied by a few remixes from the likes of The Naked and Famous, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., and White Sea. The music video, which you can view down below, continues the “creepy children with special powers” storyline that was introduced with the music video for “Midnight City.” If you enjoy visual continuity and repeated themes that coincide with the album’s own sense of emotional rhythm, then this music video will be a real treat.

I know I’m enjoying this track at the moment, but as much as I like to allow each single and music video to sink in and give them the deserved time to flow through my consciousness, I hope we see more releases from Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming in the coming months. If you haven’t already given the album a shot, check it out now on Spotify or, heck, buy it on iTunes or in physical formats from Mute Records.

“Reunion” EP Tracklisting:

01. Reunion (Album Version)
02. Reunion (The Naked And Famous Remix)
03. Reunion (Sei A Remix)
04. Reunion (Polly Scattergood Mix)
05. Reunion (Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr Remix)
06. Reunion (Mylo Remix)
07. Reunion (White Sea Remix)

For more info:

M83 Website