Now that they have been selected to open for Black Keys on their forthcoming tour of Australia, it may well be that Royal Headache are not going to remain that country’s best kept garage rock secret for very long. And why should they? This video for “Girls” taken from their self-titled debut album demonstrates everything there is to like about these guys: the homespun ramshackle charm, the furious pace, the positive energy, and their ability to wrap it up in just over 90 seconds (seriously, there’s nothing clever about outstaying your welcome).

Buried in the mix there is a star in the making, namely lead singer Shogun, whose soulful vocals mark him out as a frontman to watch. Indeed it’s those vocals (along with some obvious writing chops) that grab the attention across the length of Royal Headache’s brisk 26-minute record. They played an intimate headlining show at Beauty Is Pain in Silverlake last yet, so if you were one of the lucky ones to make it out, let us know in the comments what you thought.

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