POP ETC (aka The Morning Benders) have been working with Danger Mouse on their first album under the new moniker. The self-titled effort is due out June 12th, and based on the pop-synth songs leaked from the album so far, it should pair nicely with sunny summer weather.

Chris Chu’s unmistakable vocals add a falsetto softness that transitions along with the melody, as the piano balances out the super-synth-style POP ETC has gravitated towards. Unlike some of the other songs from the album, “Keep It for Your Own” is the most reminiscent of The Morning Benders’ previous style, but that may be due in part to Danger Mouse’s influence. Either way, check out the video featuring the first single from the album, “Keep It for Your Own,” which acts as more of an advertisement for the album than a visual accompaniment to the song.

Pop Etc Tracklist:

01. New Life
02. Back to Your Heart
03. Halfway to Heaven
04. Keep It For Your Own
05. Live It Up
06. Everything Is Gone
07. R.Y.B.
08. Why’d You Do It Honey
09. I wanna Be Your man
10. C-O-M-M-U-N-I-C-a-T-E
11. Yoyo

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