The artwork of Santigold’s sophomore release Master of My Make-Believe effectively represents her newfound role as the Xena, Warrior Princess of the music biz. Just one look and you know this chick could unequivocally school you in pretty much anything, whether it’s lyrical craftsmanship or kicking ass with a scepter.

Then you take a listen to the under 40-minute collection of eleven heart-pounding, booty-shaking tracks and you’re certain she’s come from some land far, far away to light dance floors afire and melt musical genres and global sounds into a witch’s brew of seductive, hypnotizing harmonies. A perfect example of this is the album’s introductory and star-studded song “GO!”, a hard-hitting anthem vocally backed by Yeah Yeah Yeahs frontwoman Karen O along with Nick Zinner on guitar and Switch and Q-Tip on production.

This is followed by the artist’s newest single, “Disparate Youth,” an insatiably catchy track on which she sings “We know that we want more / a life worth fighting for” (the automatic-hit video has already reached 2 million views on Youtube). It seems very likely that Santi could be the voice of an emerging, dissatisfied youth generation with her urgent rock-in-revolt fervor; however, at the moment, most seem to be satisfied with just some trendy remixes and hardcore dance grooves (see: Coachella).

That is not to say that some tracks on Master of My Make-Believe aren’t just plain fun. Take, for example, “Look at These Hoes” on which Santigold flexes her flow muscle and inspires a comparison to the likes of Missy Elliott, or the industrial pop-fueled “Big Mouth” that wraps it all up. My vote for the next single, however, has to be “God From The Machine,” a haunting track with a marching band-like snare drum that I can already imagine remixed on this summer’s sweat-soaked dance floors. It all makes for a sexy, succinct powerhouse that proves Miss Santi should not be afraid of her long and bright future in the spotlight – not that she’s ever been afraid of anything.

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