I’ve been following That Noise for a few years now (living in Los Angeles makes it easy to literally follow the band), and I’m always impressed with their ability to grow while simultaneously staying true to their signature sound. Their self-titled debut EP, released in 2008, gave us a taste of this sound — a blend of alternative rock with melodic riffs in the shape of synths and vocal melodies — and the track “No Words” illustrated their ability to beautifully integrate electronica into their music. Their next EP, the more upbeat and heart-pounding Derivatives (2009), furthered That Noise’s vision of combining rock and electronica with a little dose of vulnerability. The track “Balance” would get you dancing, and their rendition of Kings of Leon’s “Sex on Fire” is simply fantastic.

The band’s most recent EP, Love Remains, is what I call a three-track dose of musical crack. “Only three tracks?” I can hear you thinking. Well, who says you have to release ten songs if only a few of them are going to be great? Quality not quantity seems to be the band’s principle because all three tracks on this EP are excellent.

The first, “Love Remains,” can be played in a nightclub or a rock concert. (I’m not kidding you. I can already hear the dance remixes in my head.) The track builds and dissipates all at the right moments, and the line “Love remains” echoes over and over in my head after listening. If you’re exhausted from dancing to that track, have no fear because the next track, “Erase the Pain,” is a perfect chill song, at least for those who listen to Depeche Mode before they go to bed. It has that kind of vibe, and the line “Tonight we erase the pain” is very Depeche. The last track, “Everywhere You Are,” is actually the song you will fall asleep to. It has that dreamy quality (Johnny Burkes has a dreamy voice, in general), and all of a sudden, I feel at peace with the hectic world.

The best part of this EP is that it is available for FREE DOWNLOAD on That Noise’s website. Right now, not forever. So get it now before they change their mind!

For more info on the band and show dates, visit their official website.