Hang in there, Usher fans. I’m awaiting the release of his Looking 4 Myself album just as much as you are. While I’m hoping to get my hands on a review copy of the entire album before its official June 12 release, I am perfectly content with sampling the artist’s second single, “Scream.”

With the single’s debut on April 26, we’ve returned to the club setting where, as we’ve come to understand through Usher over the years, body language and a quick tempo are all that are needed for a first impression. I really need to find out where Mr. Raymond does his clubbing, because the entertainer seems to have a love/lust-at-first-sight experience quite frequently.

But then again, it might have more to do with Usher’s pick-up line: “If you want to scream yeah / let me know and I’ll take you there.” Something tells me the dance floor wouldn’t erupt into flirtatious dance if I said that to an attractive individual across the room, but I guess that’s why he’s the one with the album.

“Scream” comes to us following the release of “Climax,” a bit of an experimental track from Usher and producer Diplo, which favored slow trance beats and high falsettos to tell the story of loss and atrophy. “Scream” is a revitalizing track to follow with, as the public might be in need of a high-energy, high-spirited dance tune to remind us that while one relationship may diminish, love can still be found in the club.

I’m looking forward to a possible music video for this track. As the video for “Climax” mimicked flickering thought processes and emotional pathology through sharp cuts of dim and unfocused light, I imagine that of “Scream” will be an amusing display of the artist’s song and dance abilities through light transitions, choreography, and of course, an appealing female love interest. As the lyrics say, “I try to fight it / but you’re so magnetic.” I think a lot can be done with the ever-present allure of Usher’s stories and subjects.

The noted difference in style between Looking 4 Myself‘s first two singles builds a lot of excitement and intrigue around Usher’s seventh studio album. Ranging from trance to dance in just two tracks, one can expect bold experimentation as well as comfort-zone material, both of which have given the singer and dancer proven success over the years.

So hang in there, Usher fans. If its singles are any indication of the album’s bigger picture, it sounds like the wait will be well worth it.

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