I don’t usually find myself watching MTV thinking, “How the hell could I have missed this???” but that is exactly where I found myself this week when I discovered their newest endeavor: to find out who the world thinks is the bestest best best boy band ever.

That’s right. It’s time to cast your vote to name which flock of crooning, crotch-thrusting, metrosexual heartthrobs gets the number one slot in boy band history.

I may not have lived through the first influx of 1960s Beatlemania (who thankfully have not been excluded from this list based on their mid 20th-century heyday), but I did have a life-sized NKOTB poster on the back of my bedroom door as a youth. That’s where it started, listening to “Cover Girl” on a cassette tape,  pouring over images of Jordan Knight in Teen Beat, struggling with those confounding adolescent her-ections and the absence of a lock on my door. Then came Backstreet Boys and *NSync, where myself and my peers fine-tuned our obsessions to include concert attendances and video-watching slumber parties.

So, if you are around my age (ahem, late-20s) you are probably incredibly pissed off that neither Justin nor Brian have a chance to fulfill the role of lead boy of the world’s best boy band. They were kicked off early on with the rest of Backstreet and *NSync, along with Hanson (MMMBoo!), Color Me Bad, All 4 One, Menudo, and a few others.

I swear, by the moon and the stars in the sky, that this crap is rigged. But how fair is it that NKOTB went up against The Beatles in Round Two? Come on!

The remaining bands still clinging to that number one spot:

1. Westlife
2. The Beatles
3. The Jonas Brothers
4. The Wanted
5. Big Time Rush
6. 5ive
7. One Direction
8. Mindless Behavior

Voting closed yesterday, so what’s done is done, and the winner will be named on May 7. Until then, check out some of the bands’ hilarious pleas for votes, like this one from The Wanted:

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And for fun, here’s an old Backstreet Boys video: