Wildcat! Wildcat!

Los Angeles trio Wildcat! Wildcat! just debuted their video for “Mr. Quiche” earlier this morning. This marks a first video for the band, but also one of the earlier full-length music videos shot on a RED Scarlet-X camera. Rumor has it that the Scarlet-X catches up to four times the detail of an HD camera. This video is so damn clear, you can almost see the future in it. Go big or go home, right boys?

Pressing play, the viewer is brought into this morning-lit scene in an old abandoned factory building. A creature resembling a werecat rises from its slumbering place, walks to the wall, and makes a black mark upon it…a ninth tally. From there, the camera follows around this cat-man as he seemingly goes to places he knows throughout the city. Breakdancing for bucks about town, the cat seems in good spirits. But there’s a looming tragedy spliced in between the light-heartedness of this video. At the end, director Tyler Rumph‘s allusion to death is made clearer when the cat stumbles to find his place of rest on this, his ninth life.

Watch the video in ‘Original’ resolution (2k) for the highest quality viewing experience…