Garbage has released the video for their first track on their new album, and, true to form, it’s pretty freakin’ weird.

Filmed around the streets and beaches of LA by director Matt Irwin, the video is inspired by such artists as Magritte, Maya Deren, Luis Brunel and Francesca Woodman. It was introduced by the band in a Ustream chat, where they answered fans’ questions about their new project.

“The song is meant to feel sort of like an abstract dream,” Shirley said. “The inspiration came from a story I had read in The Los Angeles Times about the opium trade and also from watching the documentary ‘Restrepo.’ It’s not literal in any sense whatsoever, but it’s a song about disorientation and delusion and the human struggle to stay sane in the face of insanity.”

I heart heart this video, not because I think it was necessarily wise in a marketing way for Garbage to come out of the gates with a (relatively) quiet shoot filmed in black and white. I’m sure fans were waiting for something insane after the long seven-year itch. But this video, full of the usual chaos one could find in a number of Garbage videos, has a number of not-so-subtle nuances that give it that extra edge. Like the eye-slicing right under the three-minute mark, a nod to the 1929 stomach churner Un Chien Andalou. Or the part where Butch and Shirley each fondle an egg for a few seconds. If you ever took a film history class in college, you could imagine this little clip being cloyingly picked apart by a room full of Tarantino fanatics.

It’s actually a good call, as it seems to ride along with the overall theme of their new release, Not Your Kind of People. Shirley said the new album is a record looking back at “all these people that built my musical fabric.” These artists include David Bowie, Cocteau Twins, and Siouxsie Sioux.

“Blood for Poppies” is the first single from Garbage’s new album, Not Your Kind of People, which is due in the United States on May 15. Look for them on tour starting April 9.