We all know that summer is one of the best times of the year for the music world. With a myriad of concerts, festivals, and album releases, one can become overwhelmed by the pure volume of music options. Luckily, LA Music Blog has put together a list of our Top Ten Most Anticipated Albums Releases of Summer 2012 to help you cope.

1)   Fiona AppleThe Idler Wheel is Wiser… (6/26/12)

Fiona has been one of the staples of the alternative rock scene since her debut album, Tidal, was released in 1996. With two other albums that have been wildly successful, Fiona has returned to the indie scene after a 7-year hiatus. For months, the buzz around this album has been loud and clear. After her successful performance at SXSW, it is clear that this release will be one of the best of the summer.

2)   Best CoastThe Only Place (5/15/12)

Best Coast bleeds California love. Their blatant adoration for the golden state is engrained in their pop-y style. The single for their new album, “The Only Coast,” is an unadulterated ode to the West Coast, and you know what? We don’t blame them. Best Coast delivers an album that will personify the Los Angeles summer, which is conveniently released during our (comparatively?) warmer months.

3)   The Temper TrapThe Temper Trap  (6/5/12)

Thanks to (500) Days of Summer, The Temper Trap has been deemed one of the indie scene’s icons. Their pop-rock style is addicting and completely dance-worthy. We are excited to see how the band that has become a bit mainstream can push the boundaries of their musical style — this time with a little more emphasis on rock. Dance on, Temper Trap.

4)   Michael KiwanukaHome Again (7/31/12)

This up-and-coming British artist proved that he is one of the newest masters of soul with his much-anticipated debut album. While this album was released in the UK and around Europe in March, America is ready to take on the artist that has been compared to Randy Newman and Otis Redding.

5)   Simian Mobile DiscoUnpatterns (5/15/12)

One of the first bands to start the electro-house music revolution straight out of the eye of the techno storm – London, England – Simian Mobile Disco is releasing its third album since their emergence into the music scene in 2005. Transforming from underground to widely popular, the band will always have a special place in our rave-loving hearts.

6)   Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic ZerosHere (5/28/12)

Known for their combination of folk and indie pop with a dash of soul, Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, a distinctly American band, has gained a great deal of acclaim throughout the years. With many successful and joyous songs from their 2009 album under their belt, the band revs up for their second album.

7)   Regina SpektorWhat We Saw From the Cheap Seats (5/29/12)

Regina Spektor is coming back full force with her beautifully delicate melodies that have softened the hearts of millions around the globe. Regina, who has been serenading the world since 2001, is coming out her sixth studio album – which will be a collection of her music, both old and new. While she has been captivating us for over a decade, we know that she is here to stay.

8)   Owl City – Untitled (8/14/12)

The beloved synth-pop artist Adam Young–who goes by his popular title, Owl City–is coming back to the music scene with energy and charm. With more collaborations adding to his jubilant music and lyrics that create his trademark underlying dark and cynical tone, Owl City’s fourth album will charm the music scene once more.


9)   Jukebox the GhostSafe Travels (6/12/12)

With an adorable yet bubbly musical style that resembles that of Ben Folds, Jukebox the Ghost returns to inject the music community with another dose of their indie pop medicine that is guaranteed to elicit smiles and head bobbing. The band delivers their third album of lighthearted music perfect to energize the average backyard summer party.

10) Passion PitGossamer (7/24/12)

Since the band’s wildly successful album Manners was released in 2009, Passion Pit has been one of the most beloved indie bands in the past 5 years. Known for their undeniably joyful electro-pop vibe (like heard in their single, “Sleepyhead”), the Boston alternative legends are coming out with their much-anticipated sophomore album, Gossamer, which will be sure to expand on their already successful career.

Which albums do you think should have made the cut? Let us know which ones you are most excited to hear.