Consider this your friendly reminder from LA Music Blog that tomorrow, April 21, is Record Store Day, on which participating independent record stores play host to all manner of limited edition goodies. Past Record Store Day releases have often trended toward the eclectic, but this year’s collaboration between indie-pop songstress Feist and metal stalwarts Mastodon is one of the more bizarre that we’ve seen. The two infrequently-mentioned-in-the-same-breath artists will release a limited edition 7” split single via Cherrytree/Interscope/Reprise under the moniker Feistodon, with Side 1 featuring Feist’s cover of “Black Tongue” from Mastodon’s 2011 album The Hunter. Side 2 will see Mastodon returning the favor by covering “A Commotion” from Feist’s Metals, also released last year.

It’s tough to say how much crossover there is amongst fans of the Nova Scotian singer and the Atlanta-based band, but the curiosity factor alone is hard to deny and the artists themselves certainly seem enthusiastic about the collaboration. According to Feist, the Mastodon song “is speaking in my kind of elemental language — about diamond and earth and sky. It’s all just in a language that I already sort of speak lyrically. It was pretty easy to climb into that one.” Mastodon guitarist Bill Kelliher rejoins, “”It’s very haunting the way that she sings, ‘I cut off my tongue.’ This dainty girl singing these brutal lyrics. It kind of sent chills up my spine when I heard it…For me it’s much more atmosphere — creating my version of what metal is.”

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