What do you get when you cross molecular models of Björk’s DNA with Giuseppe Arcimboldo’s wacky aesthetic? Björk’s new video! Yeah, I know…we’re all accustomed to Björk’s out-of-this-world videos, but this one takes the cake because it’s out of this world and in it simultaneously. The world of the human body, that is.

The video brings you up close to the world of cells and molecules. You’re traveling through bright red veins — is that Björk’s brain? — and then land in a peaceful light blue “room” with what looks like a cell floating upwards. The scenes quickly change to more molecules and cells and what looks like DNA strands, all to a haunting tune where all I can really hear is Björk’s voice chanting “Hollow.” The swirling pink strands remind me of candy, and a purplish monster seems to devour them at the 3-minute mark.


My favorite part of the video is around the 4-minute mark when the familiar Bjork break beat drops and a floating purple mass that kind of looks like Björk’s face appears. The face dismantles towards the end of the song, and we are escorted back the way we came, back through the red veins, and out of Björk’s forehead. Cool. And kinda creepy. I am still waiting for the artist to come to Los Angeles and perform, but a new video from her is a nice distraction.

For this video, Björk collaborated with biomedical animator Drew Barry (same guy who helped build the Biophilia app). He’s used to structuring scientific DNA models for the sake of science, and this was the first time he used his skills for “a whimsical and playful journey.” Meanwhile, Björk has an even deeper explanation for her video: “It’s like being part of this everlasting necklace when you’re just a bead on a chain and you sort of want to belong and be a part of it and it’s just like a miracle.”

For more info, visit Bjork’s out of this world Official Page.