If you haven’t noticed, events that mix art, fashion, and music are so in right now. I’ve gone to quite a few of these affairs, but last night’s Project Ethos was more than just an event. In celebration of L.A. Fashion Week, Project Ethos threw a real L.A. party. I stepped into what they called the “Honey Room,” which was jam-packed with artists and their artwork, media people, and guests. Trays of delicious little cupcakes and treats were being passed around, thanks to Sweets & Treats, and I ate several for dinner. The artwork was impressive with a varied collection of installations from LabArt Gallery’s Sand-One, Jules Muck, and CYRCLE, and a futuristic theme seemed to be dominating that night, with interesting alien-like figures.

I was particularly looking forward to the fashion show, as I had never been to a formal one before. The house lights went dim and the strobe lights went on, accompanied by trendy electro-pop music. Soon, models glided across the runway in the most interesting, eccentric garb. The brand, LUICA, featured a lot of chiffon and futuristic designs in purple and black hues. Ermelinda Manos, another designer, mixed 1940s elements with contemporary flair.

I was truly impressed by the brand Boditecture, which featured dresses that converted from minidress to gown in a matter of seconds (check out the unwrap dress to see what I mean). Other designers that showcased their work included JaJo Couture and Danielle the Dressmaker.

Photo by: Raphael Maglonzo of Runway Icon

Next came live music, thanks to LA’s very own Hyper Crush. They rocked the crowd before having to catch a red-eye to Texas for a music festival. I’ll admit, never having seen Hyper Crush perform live, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I heard Ellie Goulding’s “Lights” start playing as their intro, but when the Los Angeles-based group took the stage shortly after the first phase of Project Ethos’ fashion show, I was hit with an exciting contrast reminiscent of Die Antwoord fused with M.I.A..

After a preview of this season’s upcoming, cutting-edge designs, the electronic trio had no problem pumping the crowd up with dance-inspiring beats from their recent album, Night Wave, released just last month. Whether it was Donnie Fontaine and Holly Valentine consistently interacting with their audience, or Preston Moronie playing keytar (yes, keytar), singing backup, or doing both all while smoking a cigarette, the band has mastered the image of “cool” and fit right into L.A.’s Fashion Week.

I didn’t stay for the after party, but I heard it was a blast. The entire event was fun, and I am looking forward to more Project Ethos productions in the near future!

Project Ethos showcases emerging fashion, music, and art to buyers, media, and consumers through live events and the world wide web. For more info, check out their Official Page.