When the members of San Francisco band The Morning Benders met at college in 2005, they had no idea where their musical experimentations would lead them. When they booked their first gig performing on Berkeley’s campus, a band name had to be decided on, and they came up with two options: “The Beatles 2” and “The Morning Benders.” Needless to say, they went with the latter and thus a band was born.

After playing many a dive bar, house party, country fair, and other locations that played fast and loose with the term “venue,” The Morning Benders embarked on their first world tour after the release of Big Echo in 2010. Little did they know that their band name had a different connotation in Europe. They found out while in the UK that “bender” is a derogatory slang term for “homosexual.” This unfortunate coincidence was unintentional, but couldn’t be changed in the middle of their tour, so they made do while on the road.

Now it is 2012, and the threesome are finishing their third album, making it an ideal time to finally change their name. From here on out, The Morning Benders will be known as POP ETC. Let’s just hope there isn’t some international snafu with the new name.

To ring in their new moniker, POP ETC is offering a mixtape of their new music. You can download it for free on their website.