I’m always inspired by artists who take great measures to pursue their art, and Steve Katz is one of those artists. Originally from Belgium, he moved to New York a few years ago with a guitar in his hand and songs in his heart. Now he’s performing his heartfelt melodies all over the city and picking up a lot of attention online. He’s already released four singles and is in the process of working on an EP, entitled Barricades, which I am eagerly anticipating. His versatility as a songwriter and guitarist truly sets him apart.

While we wait for his debut EP, here is your opportunity to get to know Steve up close and personal through my interview with him. =)

When did you come to America?

I decided to move here a long time ago, but it took a long time to have the courage to do it. Finally, two years ago I said it was either now or never, and it was like the movies. I took my guitar and went to New York. Although I do miss my friends and family, I talk to my loved ones back home almost every day. Having a clear goal really helped me transition into my life here.

And how do you like New York?

I love it here. There’s always something to do. The music scene is huge, and there are so many great people to collaborate with.

Have you traveled to other places?

Yes. I lived a couple of years in Israel, and I’ve traveled to India and Nepal. It was through my travel experiences actually that I found that my goal in life is to make music. Traveling to India especially changed me. I learned a lot about other cultures and discovered a lot about myself. People are happy even with the little they have. You definitely see the world differently.

What do you like to do outside of making music?

I read a lot. Right now I’m reading a book by Amélie Nothomb. I just finished reading Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts. I love anything about India.

Any shows in Los Angeles lined up?

Hopefully soon I’ll come to LA and perform. I’m working on putting a tour together as we speak.

We look forward to your journey to Los Angeles, Steve! Check out his song, “Fair,” my personal pick of the week, below!

For more music and info, visit Steve’s Official Page.