Chiddy Bang played the Troubadour this past Wednesday to promote the release of their upcoming album Breakfast, and as Chiddy put it many times throughout their performance, “LA was live as f***!” The duo gave one hell of a live show accompanied by a complete set of new band members. Their electro-hip-hop-inspired sound is extremely contagious and had me jumping up and down for the majority of the show. Short but undeniably AWESOME, this performance was one for the scrapbooks no doubt!

Chiddy Bang mostly dished out songs off their new album. The set list started off with “Breakfast,” and included new songs “Mind Your Manners,” “Handclaps & Guitars,” and “Talkin 2 Myself.” Two of their more famous singles from previous albums, “Truth” and “Opposite of Adults,” were also featured in the show, the latter causing the audience to break out into a jumping/dancing/sing-a-long frenzy. To finish it off, Chiddy Bang came out for an encore of “Ray Charles,” their newest single from Breakfast, which coincidentally turned out to be iTunes “Single of the Week” last week.

My favorite part of any Chiddy Bang show is always the freestyle. Chiddy, who holds the world record for longest freestyle rap EVER (he rapped for slightly over nine hours without ever taking more than a three-second break, WTF?), is needless to say a lyrical mastermind! The duo asked the crowd to shout out random words that Chiddy would then have to weave into an on-the-spot freestyle. The final list read like this: bacon, Jeremy Lin, vagina, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Taco Bell, and Roscoe’s. It. Was. Brilliant. He strung together the most clever of phrases and dropped every single word on the list somewhere throughout! You might have to see it to believe it, so some advice: get yourself to a Chiddy Bang show, it’s unreal!

Chiddy Bang’s new album Breakfast will be out on the 28th of February. Actually, SURPRISE! The album was set to drop next Tuesday but was released a week earlier on the 21st, meaning it’s out NOW. I have given it a listen, and as always the music is fun, energetic, and refreshingly unique…these boys never disappoint!

For more info on Chiddy Bang: Official Site