If you’re a Madonna fan like me, you probably already know that she’s coming to Los Angeles in October for not one, but TWO shows – October 10 and 11 at the Staples Center! Tickets have already gone on sale through Ticketmaster and Live Nation, and I would recommend that you buy yours pronto. Her world tour actually starts in May, and when I say “world” I mean it — Israel, Australia, South America, and most of the European Union.

I’m a bit disappointed that I have to wait until OCTOBER to see her here, but I am certain she will not disappoint. Did you see her Superbowl halftime show?


It was outrageous! I can’t wait to see what kinds of stunts she’ll pull during her world tour. Will spaceships and horses be involved? Maybe she’ll sing from a sailboat on a synthetic ocean. Although really I would be content if she just sang my dance favorites from the ’80s and her ballads from the ’90s while wearing a black gown.

Apparently if you order tickets online for her show, you will receive a choice of a digital or physical copy of her new album, MDNA, with every ticket purchase. That is enough to sweeten the deal for me, for you, and for anyone else who loves Madonna.

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