Kina Grannis LEAD

To this day, I cannot stand the sight of Jordan almonds. Yes, they are delicious, but when I was making the centerpieces for my wedding, I ate so many that I permanently lost my appetite for the little bits of sugary goodness. This leads me to wonder if singer-songwriter Kina Grannis experienced the same thing with jelly beans after making her video for “In Your Arms.” I only had to deal with candy temptation for one evening…she was immersed in it for almost two years!

Grannis and director Greg Jardin needed 288,000 Jelly Bellys to create the stop-motion effects used in the video for “In Your Arms” off the artists’ album Stairwells. The whole process took 22 months, and the final product has already received more than 4 million views on YouTube since posting in November. Check it out below, and bonus points to anyone who leaves their favorite flavor of Jelly Belly in the comments. Mine’s a tie between buttered popcorn and toasted marshmallow. I could never get sick of those. I think…

Check out the “Making of…” video below!