Watching The Sea and Cake perform, it’s hard to believe that the band has been together for 18 years. Yeah, that’s right, 18 years! If you’re a musician like me, you know that a band sticking together this long is a big deal. After all, most American marriages don’t even last that long! But even after such a long time together, the Sea and Cake is as young and fresh as when they started.

In fact, Monday night these forever kids from Chicago downright rocked the Troubadour with sounds from their most recent album, Moonlight Butterfly, which is impressive considering how busy their 2011 has been: they released the new album back in April, toured the East Coast, went to Europe and South America, took a break, and are just now doing the West Coast leg of their winter tour. I’m so glad they still had the energy after such an eventful year to give us Angelenos a fantastic show!

The entire band brought their A-game to the performance. Sam Prekop vocals and guitar sounded fantastic, Archer Prewitt’s lead guitar riffs were heavenly and melodic, John McEntire on drums was super in the pocket (he also played in Tortoise!), and Eric Claridge’s basslines were simply groovy. My favorite tracks from the show were three of their new songs, “Up On the North Shore,” “Inn Keeping,” and of course, “Moonlight Butterfly.”

Monday night was a super cold one for Los Angeles standards, so I hope the band comes back to Los Angeles when the birds start to sing in the springtime, and speaking of birds, Lia Ices’ voice reminds me of a lark. Her opening performance was a nice prelude to the Sea and Cake’s set.

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