Adam Lambert has transcended the status of American Idol finalist and become a true international sensation on the success of his freshman album, For Your Entertainment. Now he’s back again with his sophomore release, Trespassing. The first single, “Better Than I know Myself,” drops today in anticipation of the album’s release March 20, 2012.

The album, which Lambert co-produced, is a testament to the artist’s growth over the past two years. He describes Trespassing as an honest exploration of “the ups and downs of [his] reality.” With a laundry list of Grammy Award-winning and notable songwriters (Pharrell Williams, Dr. Luke, Claude Kelly, Benny Blanco, Bonnie McKee, Nile Rogers, Sam Sparro, Bruno Mars, Nikka Costa, and BC Jean), the record embodies all the necessary elements of success. And if the first single is any indication, Lambert is in for even more Billboard topping singles than his first time around!

With production from Dr. Luke, “Better Than I know Myself” sounds a lot like Ke$ha’s “Hungover” (one of the most under-celebrated tracks of her Animal album). The vocals are truly astonishing. Upon listening, one is forced to wonder how Lambert will ever duplicate the same performance live. However, if any contemporary pop artist has the talent for hitting consistently stunning high notes, it’s Adam.

To listen to the song for yourself, visit iTunes, and for more information on Lambert’s forthcoming record Trespassing, visit his official webpage.