Los Angeles attracts bands and artists from everywhere trying to make their mark in the music scene. Finding the top ten local music acts was a tough, tough job, but I managed to come up with the bands and artists I felt haven’t gotten the recognition they deserve (but will!). So if you see them playing somewhere, catch their show before they get super famous and tickets for all their shows start including a “convenience fee” of $20.

10. Elevaters
Funky, groovy tunes, with an occasional vocoder!!! These guys are natives of Los Angeles and actually met when they were students at UCLA. Their live performances are not to be missed! Check out their song “Tonight

9. Jason Luckett
Native of Orange County, Jason Luckett’s soothing voice and intricate guitar chord progressions make for a lovely sunny day — regardless of the actual weather! Check out his video “Moment in the Sun.”

8. The Hopelessly Devoted
This band’s nostalgic rock and roll takes me back to the days of Buddy Holly, Elvis, and the Beatles. Check out their video for “That Girl.”

7. King
I spotted these three soulful ladies singing at Room 5 and quickly fell in love with their groovy chord changes and heavenly harmonies. Check out their video for “The Story.”

6. That Noise
This alternative rock band artfully combines electronic and live elements. Check out their video “The Way We Are.”

5. Elliott Samuel
You’ll never meet anyone more progressive and positive than Elliott, and his music is a reflection of a higher state of living. He is currently working on his first full-length album, and I’m really looking forward to it! Check out his song “You Don’t Know Me.”

4. Odd Modern
This boy-girl duo rocks, and I had the opportunity to see them perform at an art show! Check out their video for “A Million Little Pieces.”

3. Pepper Rabbit
These two guys released their second album, Red Velvet Snow Ball, this past year, and it’s filled with wistful melodies. My kind of thing. Check out their video for “Harvest Moon.”

2. Vikter Duplaix
This Philadelphia native was a prominent producer for a long time and still DJs in clubs all over LA. Yeah, I am in love with him (but he doesn’t know it yet). Check out his baby-making video “Make A Baby.”

1. Kisses
Another fantastic guy-girl duo (I really believe there’s a special synergy in this combination). Anyway, I’m a huge fan of their ’80s inspired sound. Check out their song “Midnight Lover.”