Each week Chris Douridas (KCRW) and MFG present School Night, a live concert held at Hollywood’s swanky Bardot venue just north of the Blvd on Vine St. This past Monday night, British singer/songwriter VV Brown stopped by to take the stage and promote her new album, Lollipops & Politics, which will be out February 7th.

A couple hundred bodies packed into the place to watch Miss VV and the opening musicians deliver an intimate yet dynamic performance. The growing artist, now on her sophomore album, dubbed the night as “a listening party,” a real privilege to us fans in seeing that the record hasn’t even been released.

VV released her album title, Lollipops & Politics, as well as the track listing for the new CD, just last month, and on Monday night she showcased those very songs. The majority of her set was made up of new releases; it seemed as if VV was literally making her way down the track list, giving every listener in the joint the ultimate inside scoop.

VV opened the show with “Red Balloon” off the new record, and then lead us into more pulsating new tracks such as “Famous” and “Like Fire.” Toward the end of the set, the “odd-pop” sensation threw in a single from her first album, Traveling Like the Light. VV performed a very appeasing acoustic version of “Shark In The Water,” which showed off her raw vocal talents in the most inspiring light.

VV closed the show with the new single “Children,” in which she herself rapped Chiddy of Chiddy Bang’s featured verse and nailed every word of it. See if you can recognize those city streets featured in the music video for “Children,” which was just recently released on November 1st:

The show was impressive, a true testament to VV’s genius and versatility. I find it refreshing when I can attend a concert and leave with the satisfied feeling that the artist actually sounds the same live as they do on record. VV is one of those artists. In fact, she may even sound more brilliant live. She puts so much of herself into her performance, so much energy and concentration into delivering the best sound possible, and it’s captivating.

Now that I’ve listened to more than half of the new album, I can say confidently that the anticipation for VV’s upcoming Lollipops & Politics release is very well deserved. Be patient, my fellow Los Angelinos–it will be worth the wait, I promise you.

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