Nostalghia is getting a lot of great attention these days for their unmatched look and sound. The Los Angeles-based band recently released their album I Am Robot Hear Me Glitch, and when you take a listen, you will understand why I have a hard time putting this band into a particular genre. While I figure it out, let’s just say their music is ethereal, haunting, and futuristic.

I recently had the remarkable opportunity to speak to the heart and voice of the group, Ciscandra Nostalghia, who gave me some inside information on her inspiration and current project. Her voice and image is just out of this world, and as a female artist and fashionista myself, I am so inspired by the way she projects herself and is unafraid of being herself.

What projects are you working on right now?

Currently, I’m an octopus. A musician, a painter, a writer, and genuinely intrigued by activism (human and animal rights)…all of which I consider projects. But within each subject I try to focus on one thing, whether it be one band, one book, one painting, one cause–all one at a time–as it helps me to give all of me to it. I don’t like to jip people, all or nothing.

Who would you say your musical influences are for this project?

My musical influences vary. I love all things raw and real. Things that catch you off-guard, make you feel something. I love Courtney Love (even if I get shit for loving her), I love Kurt Cobain, I love Elliot Smith, I love Leonard Cohen. We’ve gotten comparisons to Kate Bush, I respect her, but I know very little of her work. I’m not an avid listener of music. I get inspired by other things. Things being, other sounds. Like my fingers on this keyboard. It gets me off and spins my wheels.

Where does your fashion aesthetic come from?

I create most of my clothes. I’m not interested in being a designer, really. I just like what I like, and it comes easy. My mother let me wear crazy shit when I was a child. I’m very thankful.

If you could be the opening act for any artist/group, who would it be?

Fuck. Good question! I’d really dig opening for Radiohead. I get him, to the extent that you can get an artist at arms-length (which isn’t all that much). Even if he thought we’re rubbish, it’d still make a cool bill.

The band will be performing on December 3rd at the Dissilience II. I am so excited to see them, and you should be too!

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For more info about the show on 12/3/11, visit:

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