Due out 10/25 on their own El Marko Records imprint, Mr. Gnome’s Madness in Miniature, the third LP release from the duo of Nicole Barille and Sam Meister, is definitely one of my favorite albums in a long time. The first two songs, “Ate the Sun” and “Awake,” are a surreal beginning to an album that sneaks you into an aural world that feels completely dark and dangerous. Once the third song, “House of Circles,” explodes, you become totally invested in what the hell is going to happen next in this album. The best way I can describe Madness in Miniature is that it feels like it could be the soundtrack to one of Tim Burton’s darker films (ya know, before we all got sick of the Tim Burton/Johnny Depp/Helena Bonham Carter circle jerk).

Nicole Barille has a voice that is as sweet as it is deadly, and when paired with Sam Meister’s delicate tapping, you’ll find yourself completely immobilized. Powerless, you lower your eyes, entranced until suddenly everything has changed and a deluge of pounding drums and guitar flow thru you like a thousand volts of electricity.

Every time I listen to this album (and I’ve listened to it nonstop since I got it), I feel like I’m entering one of those haunted mazes filled with creepy ghouls and blood-thirsty fiends grabbing for me around every cornstalk corner. Barille’s voice floats always just ahead of each twist and turn, enticing you further in. The only way out is to go forward, and in macabre glee you take off running, delighted as the chainsaw whirl of Sam Meister’s drumming chases after you into the night.

Check out this preview video for the new album to get a taste of what Mr. Gnome has in store for their fans. It’s a snippet of one of my favorite songs on the album, “House of Circles,” and if you head over to their website HERE, you can find free song downloads.

Also, in the spirit of Halloween, here’s Mr. Gnome’s award-winning video for “Vampires” from their prior album, Heave Yer Skeleton. After watching it, you’ll think twice before trusting any of those Yo Gabba Gabba creatures again.

Mr. Gnome will be in town next month to play at The Silverlake Lounge on November 2nd. Go see them! I have it on good authority (AKA my girlfriend) that they are AMAZING live!

Mr. Gnome Fall Tour Dates

10/14 – Rochester NY/Buffalo NY
10/15 – Rochester NY/Buffalo NY
10/19 – Lansing MI @ TBA
10/20 – Grand Rapids MI @ The Pyramid Scheme
10/21 – Madison WI @ Frequency
10/22 – St Louis MO @ Cicero’s
10/24 – Kansas City MO @ The Riot Room
10/25 – Denver CO @ 3 Kings
10/26 – Salt Lake City UT @ Burt’s Tiki Lounge
10/27 – Boise ID @ Neurolux
10/28 – Portland OR @ Doug Fir Lounge
10/29 – Seattle WA @ The Comet Tavern
10/31 – San Francisco CA @ TBA
11/01 – Fresno CA @ TBA –
11/02 – Los Angeles CA @ TBA
11/03 – Tucson AZ @ Plush
11/04 – Albuquerque NM @ The Launchpad
11/05 – Oklahoma City OK @ TBA
11/07 – Springfield MO @ TBA
11/08 – Columbia MO @ TBA
11/10 – Chicago IL @ Empty Bottle
11/11 – Ft Wayne IN @ TBA
11/12 – Toledo OH @ Ottawa Tavern
11/18 – Columbus OH @ Skully’s

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