Geezus. Where do I even begin with this one? I suppose I can try to describe what the Lucent Dossier Experience is in a nutshell: It’s like Cirque Du Soleil, but it’s edgier. It’s like a musical, but it’s kind of demented. They have fire, and aerialists, and circus freaks, and dubstep. Oh yeah, live dubstep. Wait, wut?

So what does a show like this look or sound like? How does it feel to be listening to glitchy carnival music with strong electronic undertones and insane rock riffs? Then, how does it feel the next minute when you’re being serenaded by a contemporary Pavarotti-style clown lamenting his lost love, followed by an equally creepy Ronald McDonald clone doing a half-shout half-wail solo piece. And this whole time, the Elvis impersonation band behind these vocalists are belting out anything from sad melancholic violin solos to hard hitting hip hop beats while aerialists and fire dancers are gambling with their physical safety to entertain the crowd. *WHEW*.

And that, in a nutshell is the Lucent Dossier EXPERIENCE. I was lucky enough to get a beautiful tidbit from their PR people that the ‘experience’ was added to their name after the initial group formation to give more impact, and to be honest, it’s totally fitting. It’s not just a show, but a whole experience.

From start to finish, it was like a different head space all together to step from the gritty portion of Downtown LA’s Broadway through the doors of the historic Los Angeles Palace Theatre and stand packed into an old-style cinema with a truly eclectic crowd of people, sporting a range of styles, i.e., steampunk, tribal, Victorian era, tattoo canvases, and of course ‘regular people’ looking out of place.

And that’s what I really like about events that are tied closely with The Do Lab. It’s about the experience. While I can’t sit here and list off the track names that I heard on this particular night, I can at least try to describe just how off the wall, yet amazing the show was.

The Lucent Dossier Experience is a bit of a journey, a trip into the realm of the bizarre, allowing you to explore the dark recesses of your mind as you watch things that scared you as a child come alive on stage. You know, creepy carnival music, life-sized dolls moving in twitches, snarling clowns, that sort of stuff. But of course, we’re adults, we ain’t scared of no clowns, and we can appreciate the macabre blended with the beautiful. The LDE crew does a fantastic job of mixing in beautiful ballads with the jarring, the lithe aerial acrobats with the scary double-jointed crab dancing, the beautiful movement of flow/fire arts against aggressive per beat hip hop hits of the dancers.

And when it’s all over and you’re gotten through saying, “Holy crap. That’s crazy!” for the 50th time, you’re reminded that this show is put on by people too. A troupe of dancers, performers, acrobats, musicians, light/sound engineers, and of course coordinators. For some reason, the part of the show where all the performers lined up and thanked each group one by one was the most powerful. You could really feel the amount of love, thought, and care that went into the whole production, and with the impossibly broad range of thoughts, memories, and emotions that this show spurred in my brain, satisfaction was only equal to gratitude.

Speechless (but not really). Seriously.

P.S. – Even more ridiculous that the dancers and singers had a very active hand in the technical and production aspects of the show. Truly amazing people.

Check out the troupe’s official website for more information and updates!

(Seriously, check them out when they perform again, as prior to this show, the only place you would have seen them is at eclectic music festivals like Lightning in a Bottle, Lucent L’amour, and Coachella).

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