In recent years, there has been an influx of classic comics being converted to the big screen, a great idea in my humble opinion. So when I received an email about the web comic Gates getting its own soundtrack, courtesy of Heavy Metal Magazine, I really wasn’t surprised, but I did begin foaming at the mouth! Did I forget to mention that ALL NET PROCEEDS will be donated to the Ronnie James Dio “Stand Up and Shout” cancer fund? If ever there was music that could give the bullshit that is cancer a run for its money, it would have to be metal.

Wait..did I just say a soundtrack for a web comic that ALSO benefits a GOOD cause? IT’S TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!

If we take a glance back at the previous soundtracks that Heavy Metal Mag has given us over the years, you’ll notice how incredibly diverse they have been and still continue to be. The 1981 soundtrack included everyone from Devo to Black Sabbath. The most difficult task of ANY soundtrack is serving the storyline and tone of the story while keeping it rockin’, so hearing that ten years after their last music soundtrack release, Heavy Metal was once again set to give us some treats, I knew it had to be good.

Hal Hefner, the creator of Heavy Metal Presents: Gates, teamed up with artists LoveKrafty and Inside The Black, and scoured the earth for the best of the basically unknown and underground, to create ALL NEW music to really get in your face and give you a feel for what Gates is all about. Gates has been described as “Dr. Moreau meets 1984. On acid” (Geek Chic Daily), and after checking it out, I quickly became addicted and couldn’t imagine a more accurate description.

The track listing for this album contains such delicious gems as “Is This Over Now” by Inside the Black, “Fools Bleed” by Black N Blue, “Where Have I Been All My Life” by Friend Slash Lover, and “Of Titans” by Elysion Fields. I won’t blow the load and give you the full track listing because that wouldn’t be fun, so for now all you get is this taste.

The release of the soundtrack, titled Volume 1 – The Ascension, dropped on Aug 9, and it’s only available for a limited time, so pull up your iTunes and get to ordering before it’s too late…

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