This Friday, LA radio station 98.7 FM will be kicking off their “Close to Home” free concert series featuring a handful of Southern California’s most promising up-and-coming bands. These bands will not only be given the opportunity to perform on Universal Citywalk’s state-of-the-art “5 Towers” stage, they’ll also receive a grant from the station designed to help the band grow and succeed. Pretty sweet way for the station to support their local scene while bringing some great music to Citywalk.

The band kicking off the series this Friday is LA’s own Incan Abraham, so makes sure you’re down at Citywalk from 8-10 pm to catch their set. Oh, and can I just recommend you head out early and eat dinner at Hard Rock Cafe? Had the most amazing salad there before Cee Lo Green’s performance at 5 Towers on Thursday. My mouth waters just thinking about it.

Give our interview with Incan Abraham below a read to find out more about their unique sound, how they became involved with the “Close to Home” series, and the members’ decades-long history with one another.

How did Incan Abraham get its start?

We’ve all been friends for a long time in different configurations. Giuliano and Andrew went to kindergarten together, as did Teddy and Spencer. A few years ago, Teddy and Spencer had a band while both were attending colleges on the east coast, and Andrew and Giuls were living together and making music in downtown LA. In 2009, we decided to bring it all together.

You mention in your bio that you spent the first month the band existed in a cabin in upstate New York. What do you feel that did for the band and its sound?

You kind of need a gestation period to start a band from scratch, and our time in upstate NY was the perfect way to get away from our regular lives and get used to playing together. The Hudson Valley is a very beautiful place to be in the summertime.

What is the process for writing music like for the band?

It’s different every time, but usually one of us brings an initial riff or idea to the table, and then the rest of the band fills it out in the practice room when we’re all together. Everyone kind of knows in an intuitive way whether an idea fits into the Incan Abraham world or not. If it does, we run with it.

What influences you, musically or otherwise?

Music we like, experiences, friends, family, and other things we think are beautiful or not so beautiful.

How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard you?

That’s always the toughest question, but we’ll answer it: ambient world pop that’s fun but also a little serious.

Photo by: Amanda Charchian

If you had to pick one track that you would use to introduce your music to someone, what would it be and why?

Probably “Third Man” because it takes you on a trip into a particular world, and by the end of it, you will probably have a good sense of what we do.

You recently released Sunscreen, which shares two new songs with your fans as well as remixes of those tracks. Do you feel that these tracks are an extension of the Adult World EP or something different?

We’re always trying to build on what we’ve done before. Some of us are really into electronic music, so part of the idea behind Sunscreen was to explore our electronic side a little more. This concept kind of spilled over into the style of the release since it is a 2-track single with remixes by other electronic artists.

How did you get involved with the 98.7 Close To Home Series at Universal Citywalk?

We met JJ because we’re friends with a couple of the guys from Milo Greene, who he manages. He asked us to play, and it sounded like fun.

What other plans do you have for the rest of 2011?

We’re currently recording a new 5-track EP, which we’re really excited to share with everyone. In October, we’ll be back in New York for CMJ. We has a lot of fun there last year, and we hope that this year will be even better.

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