Rob Zombie is a busy, busy man, but while splitting his time between music and movies, the shock rocker has taken a break to lend his talents elsewhere, teaming up with Woolite for a scary new campaign aptly titled “The Torturer”.

The new campaign focuses on how many detergents can damage clothing over time, whereas Woolite offers your garb more long term TLC. The commercials are shot like a scary movie, with a sense of “Susie Homemaker meets Texas Chainsaw Massacre.” The ad premiered today on and will be broadcast in movie theaters starting July 2 and on television starting mid-July through the end of the year.

Jiri Kulik, General Manager US Household Marketing at Reckitt Benckiser, commented, “We want consumers to see Woolite as they’ve never seen it before and to realize it’s not just for delicates–all of their clothes deserve to be cleaned with care. Our goal is to show consumers that other detergents may be ‘torturing’ their wardrobe by leaving dimensional changes like shrinking or fading, all in a bold, eye-opening manner.” Shrinking and fading clothes? Sounds scary!

Anyway, apparently not all of the advertising executives at Reckitt Benckiser were initially on board with the pitch, but eventually had a change of heart. Watch the commercial below and see if you’re swayed to stop torturing your clothes.

Rob Zombie is currently performing throughout the European festival circuit before returning to the States (and Canada) as part of the Hell on Earth tour.

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