Countless bands have experienced tragedy before, but none quite like the members of Decapitated. After an automobile accident in 2007 seriously injured vocalist Adrian “Covan” Kowanek and took the life of Witold “Vitek” Kiełtyka, the fate of the band was left up to guitarist Wacław “Vogg” Kiełtyka. Mourning the loss of his brother and the demise of the band he founded in his teens, Vogg picked up the pieces and began moving forward in 2009 to resurrect and reform the shattered Decapitated.

While Carnival is Forever should exude an air of loss and deepened sorrow, the album is by no means a solemn affair. In fact, within the first 40 seconds of album opener, “The Knife,” it’s absurdly apparent that the band spared no mercy amid the blistering, inhuman, tech-death musicality they’ve put in to this towering effort. There is no filler amongst the album’s eight vociferous tracks; instead, each song is stuffed with a boisterous, unrelenting ferocity that’s increasingly impressive from start to finish.

The album’s centerpiece of sorts falls on its title track, which follows a path through a quiet ambiance to a shuttering monstrosity over the course of nine gripping minutes. The song’s main riff exudes a certain viable groove often lacking in the death metal realm and is perfectly framed by drummer Kerim “Krimh” Lechner’s extreme malleability. The 22-year-old phenom from Wiener Neustadt, Austria would undoubtedly make the late Vitek proud, as his anomalous talents pay a laudable homage to the fallen drummer.

Similarly to the title track, “A View From a Hole” starts somber, building up to a maniacal miscellany of Vogg’s villainous riffing and the blood-curdling wails of frontman Rafał Piotrowski. The song gives way to the unyielding “Pest,” perhaps Carnival’s most discernible progression from Organic Hallucinosis. And while the track, like others, is deeply rooted in bludgeoning ferocity, its subtle, sonic experimentations showcase the evolution of band who has faultlessly been to hell and back.

Carnival is Forever is a 43-minute juggernaut, densely packed with what can only be described as death metal at its finest. The album’s very existence is a true testament to their undeniable devotion and further proof of their place at the forefront of the genre. With Carnival is Forever, Decapitated has raised their own bar even higher and have done so for the entire metal community through the process.

Carnival Is Forever track listing:

  1. The Knife
  2. United
  3. Carnival Is Forever
  4. Homo Sum
  5. 404
  6. A View From A Hole
  7. Pest
  8. Silence

In anticipation of the album, Decapitated has posted a six-minute clip previewing Carnival is Forever, which can be viewed below. The album will see a July 12th release through Nuclear Blast Records.

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