My fascination with Phil Anselmo is not really news to anyone. When I’m not incessantly listening to one of his countless musical endeavors, I can usually be found scouring the internet for long-lost footage from the frontman’s decade-spanning career. Any YouTube search of “Phil Anselmo” will undoubtedly yield endless results from his tenure with Pantera, erratic interview antics, and hilarious backstage mischief collected throughout the years. But with so much footage out there, how can you adequately get your Phil fix without sifting through the boundless, stodgy clips?

Take a gander at my Top 5 Favorite Non-Performance Phil Anselmo Clips for his most treasured, shining moments, listed (for your convenience) in chronological order:

Phil’s 2002 radio interview with Opie and Anthony
I realize that a lot of people could hear this three-part interview and feel sorry for Phil, but my feelings are quite the opposite. He is hilarious, and this interview proves it–although I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that he’s probably under the influence of something through this 23-minute clip. While Opie and Anthony are obviously trying to make Phil look like an idiot, he throws in some random stories and completely oddball recounts to keep them at bay.

Phil’s 2007 MTV interview with “The Anvil” (the boxer, not the band)
There is something amazing about an ex-heroin addict offering health advice, including the proper amounts of aloe vera and flax oil to consume on a daily basis. I especially enjoy Phil’s serious question of “How much skippin’ rope do you do?” about midway through the clip. He looks severely bummed to discover Anvil’s only skippin’ about 20 minutes–a week (GASP)!

Down’s 2008 interview with Beat TV in Australia
This isn’t a particularly amazing interview, but Phil’s presence here is hysterical. He nearly falls over 11 seconds in, as if stunned that he’s somehow found himself in the middle of an interview. And for nearly the entire 8-minutes, Phil cuts off Rex and the interviewer every chance he gets. I also especially enjoy Phil’s attire in this one–the Tupac-esque bandanna is a good look!

Phil’s 2009 interview at Loyola University
A clean and sober Phil took part in an hour-long interview at Loyola University two years ago. Though a bit lengthy, it’s worth your time to check out all of the footage. This one even tugs at the heartstrings, as Phil recounts his life as an addict in an insanely revealing poem and even gives a shout-out to his mom towards the end!

Phil’s 2009 Interview with Anvil (the band, not the boxer)
Phil stole the mic from the That Metal Show hosts at the 2009 Download Festival in Donnington and immediately went in for the kill with Anvil. He seemed confused when frontman Steve “Lips” Kudlow couldn’t keep up with his mindless boxing ramblings, telling the musician “you lost the plot” before moving along to actual band-related dialogue. Phil’s commentary is proof of several key things here: he has an encyclopedia-like knowledge of both boxing and heavy metal, he’s incredible at rolling his r’s, and he should obviously host his own show.