It’s always exciting when you come across a new up-and-coming artist who captures a unique and fresh sound, and those two adjectives are exactly what come to mind when listening to YC The Cynic. The young emcee hails from the same hometown as hip-hop culture itself, The Bronx, which explains why the roots of the art form can be heard so clearly throughout his work. Though the influences of his predecessors can be found in his sound, don’t get it twisted; this artist brings forth a solid new style that is passionately different and beyond compare.

YC The Cynic has finally released his highly anticipated debut mixtape, and it’s quite the milestone of his young career. The 15-track mixtape, Fall FWD, showcases his lyrical dexterity and unprecedented swagger, and as a new fan, I get the feeling this may be a glimpse into the future of hip hop. He is clearly targeting true hip-hop fans with his complicated rhyme schemes and conceptual songs, not to mention the Biggie vocal samples in the mixtape’s opening track “The Clever.” Not many young, up-and-coming artists in the hip-hop game are targeting the fans that have been emotionally invested in the art form for decades, but YC is cleverly reaching out to that demographic. The future of hip-hop is brightening up!

From the start of the mixtape to its end, YC fluently rides every beat with such ease, it’s apparent making hip-hop music comes so naturally to him. That fluent flow is quite diverse as well. From his tranquil and at-ease presence on the thought-provoking song “Bring Us Down,” to his abstract and progressively rapid flow on “Unconscious,” I can guarantee this Bronx emcee will keep fans intrigued and hungry for more. YC won’t hesitate to write about controversial matters either. You can count on him to keep listeners on the edge of their seats with his eyebrow-raising topics, such as are featured in the song “Ol’ Glory,” in which he preaches against the existence of a god and nationalism. There are not many rappers that have the courage to touch on these subjects, so prepare yourself for some not-so-typical hip hop.

With that said, this is obviously not your typical mixtape , and YC The Cynic is certainly not your typical emcee. If you’re searching for some new hip hop that breaks away from the repetitive clichés this genre is unfortunately notorious for, look no further. Fall FWD’s lyrical complexity, aesthetically pleasing flow, diverse subjects, and experimental production is everything true hip-hop fans have been looking for. It’s a breath of fresh sound, so pop it in and enjoy the ride.

Fall FWD Track Listing:

01 – The Explanation
02 – The Clever
03 – Mr. Brown ft. Sene
04 – Bring us Down
05 – Unconsious
06 – Ol’ Glory
07 – More and More ft. Soul Khan Von Pea & Sene
08 – Fall FWD
09 – Money is King ft. C-Rayz Walz
10 – The Harder
11 – Suicide ft. Homeboy Sandman & Niles
12 – As The Fire Dies
13 – Shadow of a Doubt ft. Scienze & Wordspit
14 – Hey There Young Man
15 – Please Stay Tuned

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