It’s refreshing to hear a new hip-hop act capture an old school sound with a modern twist. The ’87 Stick Up Kids may have formulated a classic style derived from their predecessors, but it’s a style that’s unparalleled. The combination of ’80s boom-bat inspired beats and hard-hitting vocal deliveries results in a unique and vivacious soundtrack.

Their debut album, Car Keys & Rabbit’s Feet, drops April 5 and is perfect to jump start your next triple kegger, or to just simply pop in the CD player of your car when it’s full of drunk friends traveling to the next smokey pub. The Los Angeles-based crew brings forth a California party feel, but it’s hard to not notice the strong and gritty New York influences. The second you press play, you’ll hear what sounds like the lab-created offspring of Wu-Tang and The Beastie Boys, who rebelled against all 13 of their parents and moved to the west coast.

The album starts off strong with the obstreperous and upbeat single, “Lights, Camera.” Now if you’re looking for a song to put on repeat for the next 24 hours, this is it. A screaming gunshot raucously presents the first drop of the track’s rowdy production, and this rowdiness stays consistent until the song’s final second. The hard-hitting drums, electro bass, and loud-mouthed vocals create an earthshaking sound that has all the familiar symptoms of a top-of-the-charts hit. As if the song couldn’t get any cooler, this unique crew has graced us with a music video that matches the entertaining griminess of the song.

The rest of the boisterous album is diverse, yet consistent with the band’s upbeat and thunderous style. Throughout the album, there is a prevalence of comedic and punch-line abundant songs, but their cordial passion for music is still quite evident and can’t be missed. It’s various content is a successful, yet unlikely combination of lightheartedness and sincerity. In summation, this original Los Angeles-based hip hop quartet consists of true emcees concerned with revitalizing the genre, and that assertion can be made by simply listening to their pleasantly different album, Car Keys & Rabbit’s Feet.

Lights, Camera… from The 87 Stick Up Kids on Vimeo.

Car Keys & Rabbit’s Feet Tracklisting:

  1. Lights, Camera (Prod. By Troublemaker & Tate La Rock)
  2. Turn It Up
  3. Breaker Breaker (Prod. By Ro Blvd)
  4. All the Girls (Prod. By Thee Mike B feat Jams F Kennedy)
  5. Jack Donaghy
  6. Money (Prod. By Ro Blvd feat. Diz Gibran)
  7. Home Team (Prod. By Tate La Rock)
  8. Hair of the Dog (Prod. By Rah Groove)
  9. Chicken Strips
  10. Psycho Killa (feat Micah James & Amanda Blank)
  11. Car Keys & Rabbit’s Feet
  12. Gangsters Rock Pajamas

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