As a triple threat and a mom of two, you may have wondered if Jennifer Lopez was capable of making another club smash like 1999’s “Waiting for Tonight”. Well, haters, doubters, and curious on-lookers, your wait is over. “On the Floor” is THE club banger to get your body on the floor.

Jennifer’s chorus is so dreamy and catchy. That vaguely familiar sound is producer RedOne’s sampling from Kaoma’s “Lambada” from 1989. This throwback to older dance music drives me wild because RedOne completely refreshes the sound while still leaving enough to do a little lambada (if you know how). I also detect a trace of a Korg M1 Percussion Organ Preset riff similar to that of Robin S.’ “Show Me Love.”

The track features Pitbull, and what I’m thrilled about is the quickness of his flows. Pitbull is typically known for his provocative or clever rhymes, but the speed of his verse entirely matches the BPM of the song, creating a sense of collaboration and wholeness to the track.

With “On the Floor” as Love?‘s lead single, I can’t wait to hear the rest of the tracks. We’ve been promised more dance tracks and club bangers, so I’m anxious to hear if she delivers. The album will be going head to head with Britney Spears on March 29th. Who do you think will end up on top?

“On the Floor” is available on iTunes.

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