There are albums that make sense and then there are those that don’t, but it’s a rare thing when you find an album made for the sole purpose of not making sense. If you are still following me after the first sentence, then the following is an album that will make complete “sense” to you. The Nonsense Box: Not Just for Silly Adults is technically the soundtrack to The Nonsense Box television series, which features puppets and animation in a Monty-Python-meets-the-Muppets style sketch format. However, this album of skits and songs can be enjoyed even if you haven’t had the pleasure of watching the amazingly nonsensical show (but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check it out on Youtube).

Nonsense Box - Not Just For Silly Adults

The first track that really stuck out to me on Not Just for Silly Adults was the skit of “The Beatnik Weather Report.” Even without visuals, you get an image stuck in your head of exactly what is happening during this skit, and you can also groove out to the smooth jam in the background. Another personal favorite is “Dear Mr. Santa Clause,” a track with an adorable child singer taking the lead. This song might be a favorite just because I am a huge Christmas person, but whatever the reason, it always gets stuck in my head and I can’t help but sing along. Another personal favorite is “Sad, Sad Song,” which is unfortunately one of the shorter tracks on the album. It is possibly the most upbeat sad song of all time, and you just have to give it a listen in order to really understand what I mean.

The Nonsense Box: Not Just for Silly Adults is a cleverly written and well-produced comedy album that doesn’t have to rely on profanity or pop culture to be funny. From the ‘20s-era flapper music to the contemporary-sounding songs about mustache stores, this album will simultaneously confuse you, make you laugh, and force you to sing along. No matter the style of music you are into, there is a little something for everyone in the Nonsense Box.

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