Have you ever met a charming man or woman who speaks a language you don’t understand but it doesn’t matter because they’re so beautiful? You just stare lovingly into their eyes, captivated by their charisma. Penelope Cruz may be the darling of the Spanish-speaking actors, but Wait. Think. Fast.’s Jacqueline Santillan is certainly the music scene’s new endearing bilingual pianist-singer-songwriter.

Wait. Think. Fast.

Only a handful of bands can pull off bilingualism, including Dungen and the’s (Swedish and Japanese respectively), but Jacqueline sings in Spanish and English on the group’s new release Luces del Sur. Originally born in Argentina, Jacqueline moved to the US when she was four. When she sings in English, she sounds like the girl next door, but when you hear her native tongue, it’s like she’s lived abroad all along. Lucky for all you LA folk, Wait. Think. Fast. is homegrown right around the corner in Echo Park. They’ll be performing at the Eagle Rock Music Festival on October 2nd and the El Rey Theatre on October 13th. After more music lovers hear this record, I am certain they’ll be a new LA favorite with multiple bookings to follow.

Wait. Think. Fast.

Produced by Craig Schumacher (Neko Case, Calexico, Devotchka, Iron and Wine), Luces del Sur is a dream-like journey that takes you from pop-rock songs to tearjerkers and everything in between. A bit of a Tegan and Sara sound can be heard from the pop opener “Si Es Por Amor,” and alt country and obviously Spanish influences can be heard throughout the album (most notably in “Trouble” and “Jornaleras” respectively). “Winter Lights” features gorgeous harmonies between the female lead and the male backup—the only real harmonies between genders on the album—and are a necessary addition to showcase their broad talents. If you’re feeling gloomy or depressed, just put on “Look Alive” and the optimistic lyrics and upbeat chord progression will positively turn that frown upside down.

Wait. Think. Fast.

Luces del Sur reveals a perfect combination of the indie rock scene and the Latin alternative scene, which has probably never been approached by other bands before, or at least not as successfully as Wait. Think. Fast. Dark spirits seem to hover over most of the tracks, even the so-called pop songs. They aren’t evil feelings or moods, perhaps more melancholy images created by mysterious and shadowy approaches. It’s a lovely blend of multiple genres glued together by the soothing voice of Jacqueline, and that’s exactly what her voice and the music are, soothing. The band possesses an interesting calm factor that can simultaneously rev you up. Penelope Cruz move over, there is a new Argentinean in Hollywood!

WAIT. THINK. FAST. “BAD NIGHT” from Gorillacoustic.com on Vimeo.

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